A faded love πŸ’”

“she thought he was the one but soon he proved her wrong. “

Her love was pure, so What if he doesn’t deserve it. She dreamt of a day.. Β .when he goes on his knees for her, but every dream can’t be accomplished . On that day she realised life is not a fairytale , Earth witnessed a great transformation – death of an angel & birth of a devil in her…….Β IMG_20160411_114447


Angel of rock πŸ‘Ό

She was blamed by him – u never loved me , u just pretended …..its good we are apart….!!!
She didn’t uttered a single word ,juz a tear drop rolled down her cheeks ……. Because she knew he would never understand n she could never explain …& there story ended ….

Angel in her died, from den she was Angel of rock

She wished…..!!!πŸ’•

Now dis was something very  special for her cuz she knew he never gonna understand & she never gonna show.

A year has passed n she was dere still thinking of him, hopping for his

good health

For the world he was a normal person but for her  he was a amazing personality , a great singer,  a charm & What not.

Still she can feel those eye contacts, how she blushed on his name…… Bt now she is aware there is no point in thinking about all this cuz her fairytale was over.

          Now she silently wishes for his bright future. He was about to enter a new world of competitions, a new phase of his life n there she was standing wishing him all the best things in the universe. She wishes let all the good things happen to him, let good times shower on him & he be shining like a bright shooting star….!!!

With a drop rolling down her eyes she again wished – ” can’t he be mine forever ” πŸ’”

Journey through darkness…..😢

In D darkness of night she was enjoying the breeze kissing her soft skin…..!!!!!πŸ˜„
Years passed, she had never been to a new place.. She don’t even remember when she went to a new place, met new faces, made memories……she was indulged so much in her work that she forgot her dream of being a free wanderer… !!
Time has changed lot..Β Β  Now it’s not about the sellers crossing her seat in every 15 min, nor the tea coffee sounds N not even the passengers around her which distracted her but now it was the darkest hour of night which made her fall in deep thoughts…..she was silent….Β  With her earplugs on she was jus smiling for all the past pains….Β  For all the cheerful days she got blessed with…Β  !!!

But one thing remained constant…..HIS IMAGE…. Olways in her mind….the glow same as sheΒ  first met him…. His last look which she had admired when they walked apart…..Β 
# life_goes_on but few things remain same …..


“Every one has some or the other story to reveal but not everyone can summarise it”


Life is a journey N in this journey we cross many paths some with hurdles N other with a smile. In either way we make memories…!!!Β  So here Iam depicting journey of a teenager girls life …hope u guys love it….
– as a child she was the most pampered one of the family.πŸ‘ͺ
-as she grew, met new faces made many friends …..enjoyed her life to the fullest
-now she was 12 N for the first time felt D beauty of her face. She spent hours combing her flocks, making faces in front of mirror bcoz now she has become a girl & this immense feeling of being a beautiful girl came due to a person whom she can never forget -someone for the first time made her feel that she is grown up now.
-time passed many came many gone ,she was in her teens & it was quite normal for her now – people stalking, commenting, flirting proposing πŸ˜… afterall she was a girl πŸ‘§
-still unaware of the word love she was ready to fall in love but for her it was just a word, she never cared for the feelings of others or I can say she played with feelings 😠πŸ˜₯.
-as a phrase goes “tit for tat” if you do something bad with others then wait for your turn. She meets him – the one with charm in his face, glitter in his eyes, style in his personality. She thought he was her prince charming N they could make a perfect couple πŸ‘« but soon everything ended.
-she realised the meaning of love ❀ .she  spent nights crying but only her pillow saw the tears.
-now she was away from all the imaginations of happily ever after, n was heart broken πŸ’”
-but this heartbreak made her strong for all the storms.

so girls always remember no one in the world can stop you , no one can make u unhappy, no one can bring tears in your eyes until N unless u allow them. Move with your confidence and be the best version of yourself, be unstoppable πŸ˜‰

Smile bright. Cuz you are always right


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  • Is our lives all about pass & fail ????

Ofcourse no…. Our lives are more than this game of pass & fail. Failure just means lack of effort or more precisely lack of dedication towards a work but it doesn’t mean lack of potential. If you face a failure in life then calm down sit back and say its okay…. Totally okay, sometimes you have to face certain things so that you build yourself for a better tomorrow. Failure should never hinder with our potential, spirit, enthusiasm & hope to do that thing again. All you need is a positive hope and a new outlook towards your goal.
In place of this if you loose hope N stop trying then remember – ” u will not be able to face urself years laterΒ  sitting on a couch with a cup of tea, you will regretΒ  not for the failure but for not trying again”.